Engineering Software

ExidaSP has access to various engineering software, however the below is the in-house computer facilities and software system.

AUTODESKAutoCADCAD Drafting Package
Navisworks Jetstream3D Model Review Package
Bentley Select ServicesMicro stationCADD Package
AutoPlant Design3D Plant Modelling (AutoCAD Base Program)
AutoPlant StructuralStructural Modelling
Projectwise Navigator3D Model Viewer
IrasB (XM Edition)Hybrid File (Raster & Vector Conversion)
ProjectWisePlanning/Collaboration System
STAAD ProStructural Analysis & Design
IntergraphPDS3D Plant Modelling System (Microstation Base Program)
Smartplant P&IDData-driven Intelligent P&IDs
Smartplant InstrumentationInstrument Database Software
Smartplant Material Management SystemMaterial Management System
SMARTSKETCHEditor of SmartPlant P&ID and 3D
INTOOLSInstrument Database Software
OrthoGENPDSExtraction of General Arrangement Drawings from 3D Model
CAESAR IIStress Analysis Software
PvEliteVessel Analysis
CADWORX Plant Professional Suite
– Plant Professional3D Plant Modelling System
– P&IDIntelligent P&ID’s
– EQUIPBCADWorx Equipment Modelling
– IsogenIsometric Generation
– IPCADWorx Internet Publisher
– Navisworks3D CAD Model Viewer
AVEVA SolutionsPDMS3D Modelling System (AutoCAD Base Program)
Enterprise SolutionsETAPElectrical Power / System Analysis
SoftbitsPSVplusDesigning Relief Valves
HTRIXchanger SuiteDesigning Heat Exchangers
SchlumbergerPIPESIMHydraulic Simulation
SHELL Global SolutionsFRED (Shell)Flare radiation, Dispersion
CMCSPrimavera Project PlannerProject Planning & Scheduling
WRENCHWRENCHProject Mgmt, Control & Electronic Data Mgmt. System
ProCADProCAD DesignerSpecification Driven Drafting Package for AutoCAD
– AutoISOFor Isometric Generation
– AutoORTHOFor General Arrangement Generation
– AutoFLOWFor P&ID Generation
Dimensional SolutionsMat 3DRaft Foundation Design
ScandPower Petroleum TechnologyOLGA Basic (incl. PVT sim)Dynamic Simulation
ASPENAspen Engineering SuiteProcess Simulation
– Aspen HYSYSHydraulic Simulation
– Aspen FlarenetDesign, rating & debottlenecking of flare & vent system
– Aspen HTFSHeat exchanger and simulation and design
Germanicher LloydScreenFlare Radiation
AdvanticaStoner PipelineSimulator for Transient Hydraulic Simulation of Gas and Liquid
DYADEMPHA ProLog-in of HAZOP Action Items and Report Generation
ChemputeAFT FathomFluid Modeling Software for Hydraulic Analysis
PCAStructure PointConcrete Design Software
CMCSPertMasterProject Risk Analysis
PALSADE@RisksCalculation estimate, risks, schedule and studies
GTXGTX Raster CADHybrid File (AutoCad Base Program)
Other SoftwareQuickPipe2D Line Pipe Sizing
MATHCADEngineering Calculation
Foundation 3DFoundation Design
DYNADynamic Analysis of FDNS
S-FrameStructural Analysis

Note: Any additional software required will be provided subject to discussion and approval.